I am a cartographer engaged in a survey of the self. The maps I draft take the form of alternative self-portraits. They are forays into charting the psychosomatic. I cast my mouth in fondant, peel face mask from my skin to make photograms, wrap my body in photo paper, twist an image of my body into a  Möbius strip, and extend my body with auxiliary prosthetics. By inciting disgust, curiosity, and arousal as affective landmarks, I urge a return to bodily experience.

I am questioning what it means to be a lived body. My query is complicated by the fluid nature flesh. Its boundaries are osmotic. Flesh is a prior condition to perception, a site of convergence between seeing and being seen, touching and being touched, subjecthood and objecthood. I trace the ebb and flow of self through its permeation, passage, extension, and regression.
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