Harlee Mollenkopf is an emerging visual artist who was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1995. She received her BA in Studio Art from Kenyon College in 2017 and her MFA in Studio Art from Mills College. Using performance, photography, and sculpture she experiments with ways to break down traditional figuration.
She believes that by destratifying the body as feminist gesture that opens up the possibilities for visualizing its uncertainty. Employing the semiotics of feminist performance art, she inserts herself into cyclical struggle to define feminine autonomy and power.
Through her art and writing Mollenkopf hopes to create space to look into the psychological and cultural trauma inherent in mind-body dualism.
Harlee Mollenkopf is the 2017 recipient of the AICUO Award for Excellence in The Visual Arts with recognition by the Ohio House of Representatives and Senate.
She currently resides in Oakland, CA.

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